In this chapter, we add an Entity called „Artist“ as well as an entity called „Comments“.

Copy both Track.hbm.xml and Artist.hbm.xml from the examples-distribution and remember to change the DTD-reference if necessary.
When using „ant schema„, SAX complained it couldn’t find ${src.root}/com/oreilly/hh/hibernate-mapping-2.0.dtd for Artist.hbm.xml.
That’s strange because it didn’t complain about it in Track.hbm.xml before. However, I place the DTD file in ${src.root}/com/oreilly/hh
and the prepare-target now copies *.dtd file, too.

The code generation is no problem. I has changed again according to Java-beans coding style.
The package name in and needs to be changed again from „net.sf.hibernate...“ to „org.hibernate...“ and everything works.

So that’s it for chapter 4.