There is a great interview with David Allen about his new 2015 edition of the „Getting things done“ book. David says „I rewrote the whole book although the basic methodology did not really change at all but more how it is framed [… plus extra chapters]“.

Here is a kind of a timeline with some notes:

00:00 Intro
02:00 How this methodology came to be & how he decided to write the book?
05:00 Overview of GTD and how it has changed in last 15 years
07:08 The "strategic value of 'clear space'"
08:48 Creativity and limitations
09:38 How has GTD changed in last 15 years with new technology, connectivity etc.
        changed vocabular: 
        collect -> capture, 
        process -> clarify, 
        review  -> reflect, 
        do -> engage; 
        new book is more positioned as "this is a life style, a life long thing"
        not really about "getting things done" but more about 
        "creating your optimal 'being-present state'"
13:25 GTD helps making intentional choice of "what to do"
        "paying attention to what has your attention" - why does this
        have your attention & how to get it of your mind; 
        new chapter about cognitive research that supports GTD
16:17 Is there anything you changed your mind about?
18:07 Squeezing more workflow in a day
20:20 why did you move to Amsterdam
        "Amsterdam is the San Fransisco of Europe"
23:20 One piece of advice for people that feel overwhelmed
       "externalize everything out of your head, keep nothing in your head"

I think I will get the new edition and refresh my GTD knowledge.

Books that are mentioned in the interview:

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